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Celebrating My 100th Post: Who Would Have Ever Thought…

I am excited to announce that today marks my 100th blog post on this website. As I look back overCluster of colourful fireworks the past year and a half since I started this blog (and my own business), many exciting things have happened. It truly is amazing to see how my small business has evolved as a concept and through relationships with new and existing customers. And I have so much more to look forward to in the future – all because I simply started a blog.

Because today is such a momentous occasion, I think it’s necessary to look back on what has been accomplished since my first post. Without trying to sound like I’m to0ting my own horn, here are the top five things that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by and am proud of having experienced since my very first blog post.

1. Meeting and connecting with amazing people in the Canadian digital media industry who share the same passion and drive for entrepreneurship and a better digital world. Again, I don’t want to brag but Canada has a remarkably close-knit community of startups, freelancers and consultants who all want to see our nation become a global leader in the digital economy.

2. Either discovering or being discovered by new customers who also share the same interests as I do and using my blog and their blogging platforms to share that enthusiasm and knowledge.

3. Being inspired to go back to school to get a Certificate in Freelance Writing at U of T to continue my new-found passion for writing and discussing digital media trends and key issues that shape my world.

4. Working with creative and intelligent Canadian startups, small businesses and small business supporters in the digital space who seek to tear down walls/barriers and replace them with their own unique solutions.

5. Continuously being pleasantly surprised that where I initially thought I’d be at this point in the game is much different from where I thought I’d end up. However, I am ecstatic and optimistic that where I am is exactly where I should be.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and for your encouragement via e-mail, Twitter/LinkedIn and in-person comments. I appreciate your support and will continue to share my thoughts, tips and ideas with you on this platform.


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Seven thought-provoking corporate storytelling ideas

It’s sometimes difficult to come up with ideas each week for a corporate blog. However, there are lots of ways to keep your content fresh and interesting. Here aredigital book image seven ideas for telling great corporate stories that can help to position your business as a thought leader and expert. In addition, telling great stories on your blog and through social media can contribute to higher SEO rankings and generating more traffic and leads to your website.

Seven thought-provoking corporate storytelling ideas

1. Industry News: Comment on an article, conference presentation, or webinar with your opinion. Share additional insight that may help to enhance the story and provide value for the audience interested in that topic.
2. Answer Questions: Use comments or questions posted on your competitors’ blogs or news articles that were re-tweeted on Twitter as inspiration.
3. Provide How-to Based Content: Numbered lists work well (i.e. 5 ways to tell a great story). Use photos or screenshots to explain how something works.
4. Encourage Conversation: Ask a question about an industry trend or subject and provoke conversation.
5. Syndicated Stories: Ask industry experts or business partners to write guest blogs to keep your articles consistent when you don’t have any content.
6. Share Insightful Data: Share interesting industry research and insights that could be helpful others.
7. Tell anecdotal or personal stories: Sharing your own success stories on how things have worked for you (or even failed) in the past and what you learned from that experience can help others in the same situation.

Timing is everything

Yesterday, I listened to Dan Zarrella from HubSpot‘s webinar about the “Science of Timing.” As a blogger and as a social media participant, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of the insights that he provided. Here’s just a taste of what was discussed:

Timing for social media
Zarrella shared a slide which identifies the best time of day to get Re-Tweets. Content that is Tweeted in the afternoon and evening is much more likely to be Re-Tweeted than in the morning. I’ve seen this same trend happen with my own content. See the HubSpot slide below for scientific proof:
Re-Tweets by Hour

When it comes to Facebook sharing, it appears that weekends are the best time to share content with your “fans”.

Timing for blogs
Zarrella has done a lot of research on when people are most likely to read blogs. He showed data that indicated that blogs are more likely to be read in the morning and during the day. However, when it comes to gender differences, men are more likely than women to read blogs at night. Therefore, if your blog is targeted to male readers, you may want to alter your blog publishing strategy slightly.

Zarrella showed a slide that indicated that weekends are when you are more likely to receive comments from your readers. While most bloggers (myself included) prefer to blog during the week, there is definitely some merit in also blogging on the weekend. See Zarrella’s slide about comment timing below:
Hubspot slide on timing of comments

There were even more valuable insights presented in the HubSpot webinar yesterday. In case you want to see all of the data, here’s a link to Dan Zarrella’s webinar slides on SlideShare.