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B2B Video Marketing Best Practices: How to Say Happy Holidays Like a Pro


Do you see what I see? It’s everywhere you go online. By now, your email inbox and social media streams are filled with B2B holiday greetings videos and messages from businesses and colleagues.

Not only is this time of year full of hope and cheer; it’s also a great time to remind everyone about how great it is to work with you and your company.

Want to strut your corporate stuff this holiday season? Have a look at these shareworthy B2B holiday greetings videos that caught my attention this week.

We all need IT

Can’t afford real celebrities to sing holiday jingles? Why not hire an impersonator. This “We are the World” inspired holiday music video from Sophos Labs is both entertaining and funny with the use of Pop-Up Video style blurbs about how celebrities use IT.

And for more IT-related music fun, check out the company’s 2016 video below entitled “The Sophos Christmas Album”

Holiday Gifting Gone Wrong

You wouldn’t ask a friend, colleague or family member for their email address before giving them a gift. No, that would be annoying. So why do marketers always ask for it when giving away free content? And is that strategy even effective?


LookBookHQ explores this concept in a holiday video series (see screenshot above) that inspires marketers to share content like a holiday gift or greeting. Check out all of the tutorial/satire videos on the LookBookHQ blog here.

Mashable Holiday Beard DIY

Do you often feel festive on the inside, but just don’t know how to show it to the world? If you sport a long beard, Mashable has some suggestions for how to make it sparkle like a Christmas tree. These glittery, glistening beard creations stood out to me as I was scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed:

Warmest wishes with a charitable twist

Do some of your employees have hidden talents? Want to showcase just how creative your digital agency can be? This year, Klick Health created its first holiday single and music video showcasing all of its employees to wish its customers a happy holiday season while inspiring them to download the song in exchange for a donation to “operation warm to buy new winter coats for children across the U.S. and Canada.” Here’s the video:

The takeaway from these videos is to create something that is not only memorable, but catches a customer’s eye in their inbox or social media newsfeed. And if it strikes the right tone (or note in the case of Klick Health), your prospective customers will happily share it with their friends and colleagues.

Have you seen any other share-worthy business holiday greetings videos this year? Please send them to me and I’ll add them to the list. I hope you and your family have a very warm and happy holiday season! See you in 2018.


Follow-up or fall down

It has been said that 90% of success in life is simply showing up. I’d like to add that the other 10% is following-up after you’ve shown-up.Helpful tips - photo of a sticky note

Earlier this week, I spoke with a customer who said that they didn’t buy a product with a particular company because their sales rep was too slow to follow-up on their e-mail requests. As a result, the customer decided to go with another product instead.

The obvious lesson here is that “showing up,” or rather being selected as a potential vendor with a customer is only going to get you in the door. Regardless of how hard you worked to get in that particular door with a customer, you still need to maintain continuous communications with your customer and find ways to give them the information that they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Here are some tried and true best practices for following-up that I’ve picked-up over the years in working in sales and B2B marketing:

1. Follow-up within 24 hours – This seems obvious but when a client sends a request (especially an RFP), follow-up with them right away to make sure you understand their turn-around time and information requirements. Make sure you meet all of their deadlines and requirements.

2. Stay top-of-mind – Even after you’ve sent the proposal (on time and with the right info) or are already working on a project for a customer, make sure you check-in with them on a regular basis to see how else you might help them. Providing valuable information via newsletters and social media is a great way to stay on their radar. It’s important to be a great resource for that customer, rather than just doing the work.

3. Find out why you weren’t on the buy – Even if you didn’t get selected for a customer’s purchase, it’s important to follow-up and find out why they didn’t decide to go with you. Perhaps you didn’t provide them with all of the information that they needed. Knowing why you missed out will help you with future proposals with that client and potentially with other clients.

Got a good tip for following-up with a customer? Please share your thoughts and I’ll add them to the list.