Bold and Unapologetic: The Rise of Self-Employed Canadians

Canadians have often been stereotypically described as apologetic and passive. But according seedlings growingto a recent CIBC study, reported yesterday in the Globe and Mail, that perception may be in need of an overhaul.

According to the article, “more than half a million Canadians said they had begun their own business over the past two years.” This is apparently a “record number” that is expected to increase in the next ten years. Likewise, the Globe and Mail article suggests that “80 per cent of those who started their own business, did it willingly – not because they couldn’t find a job.”

So, what does this say about Canadian stereotypes?

It takes a lot of will power, stamina and determination to start a new business. Plus, it requires that you be bold and unapologetic for trying to succeed on your own. I like to think that the recent increase in risk-taking by Canadians reflects the desire to no longer passively let someone else decide the fate of their careers. Instead, they are taking their future in their own hands – in turn, creating new jobs and opportunities for others.

Now, that’s a stereotype I can stand behind.

Do you agree? Please share your comments below.

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